The proud mother of 4 wonderful kiddos. I have a 10 year old daughter and 3 sons, 8, 3 and newborn! I claim a wonderful better half who supports me and loves us through all the craziness.

After 20+ years in the fitness industry I created The Solid Mom Program, a community and curriculum built specifically for moms! I help moms reclaim the body and confidence they desire. We take a biblical approach to honoring our bodies in order to reach the goals we have set to feel our best for ourselves AND our families.

Being a SOLID mom means being Strong, Organized, Loving, Intuitive and Deserving. I teach you to take a spiritual as well as physical approach to creating lifestyle changes with nutrition and exercise. The ultimate goal is to get you off that diet roller coaster and create long term success by honoring your body.

I'm a firm believer that we can honor and celebrate the amazing bodies God created for us. One of the biggest mindset shifts you can make is becoming very intentional in having a positive relationship with your body. When we can be grateful and appreciate how wonderfully made we really are, that's when breakthrough happens.

Our incredible bodies are made in the image of GOD! Our bodies are what God saw fit, the perfect vessel to have this adventure and experience life here on earth, so we need to care for it well.

The more I coach others the more I see God and what he stands for when it comes to our health. We are created in His image and meant to live a great life here. He wouldn't have given us waterfalls if we weren't supposed to admire them, He wouldn't have given us the ability to run and jump if he didn't want us to play with our kids. And he certainly wouldn't have given us dreams and tug at our hearts to ACT if he didn't want us to have the energy to complete the task.

So when you connect with me on any level, KNOW THAT:

I never want to be another diet or quick fix in your news feed or email. I never want to just be a cheerleader or a pinterest quote.

So deep into who I am today wants the busy, overwhelmed mom to feel energized, to feel confident, to fuel her body, teach her kids excellent habits, play with her kids in good energy and set a biblical example.

Break the cycle.

I want more for moms!

Alongside being a wife and mom, I genuinely believe this is my life's purpose.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to be THE SOLID MOM you were created to be!

To your success,


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